Additional Services

Jingles. Voice Over. Equipment Hire. Live engineering. Recording on Location. TV. 
Video. Photo Shoot. Workshops. Lock Outs. Parties. Gift vouchers.
And more...020 8883 9641 and 020 8444 5054

Jingles and Voice Overs
Allow us to capture the essence of your company in the medium of sound and music! Our product offering in this arena ranges from radio adverts/jingles, background music and narration for multimedia presentations or video, to composing theme music for an event or project. More more information click here.

Studio Gift Vouchers
If you are looking for a special gift idea, why not consider our studio gift vouchers? We offer a wide range of services to cater for beginners and professionals from only £25!
Click here for more information.

Recordat ourstudio

Popstar Parties
Looking to have some fun? Adult/Children Party PopStar style?
What better place to do so than in a our friendly recording studio! Do not hesitate to tell us about your party and we will tailor it to your needs.
Click here for more information.

Music Production Courses & Tutorials
From the first beat, to mastering, to the record deal—it all begins here.
The Music Production program provides an education track for music lovers who would like to turn their passion for creating music into the production of music with comprehensive courses that focus on:
Music theory, genres, and composition
Digital music production and music recording
Processing, tuning, mixing and mastering for various media
Industry business practices
Special offers at the moment:
1 Person for 90 minutes – £90
3 People for 90 minutes – £120
5 People for 90 Minutes – £180
We also over online tutorials, 12 weeks courses, one day briefings. Call us for availability, prices and more information. 020 8883 9641

Dry Hire
Professionally equipped studios don’t have to be beyond your reach.
Whether you’re a band looking for a place to rehearse, photographer doing promo shots or a filmmaker in need of a fantastic space to shoot, BonaFideStudio is equipped and available to meet your needs. We have free car parking and are accessible to articulated trucks with easy load-in. There‘s on-site technical support throughout the day, plus equipment repair and an extensive in-house stock of hire equipment. Lock Outs welcome. Call us on 020 8883 9641 for more info and prices.

Engineering Tutorials
BonaFideStudio works differently from other training studios or courses in a non-traditional classroom style of training. We offer personal coaching sessions which allows us to cut out the fluff of a traditional classroom style by using ‘hands on gear’ approach. You will learn the technology faster and will begin building something of real value. The 1-2-1 Tutorials pack a lot into a short amount of time and because you are working one-to-one with an engineer, you will accomplish much more in a fraction of the time than you would do in a classroom.
We work at your pace and skill level, to help you achieve your goals.
We also provide discreet and prompt troubleshooting for commercial studios and professional sound engineers.

Equipment hire for gigs and functions
BonaFideStudio offers affordable equipment (PAs, lighting system, drums, instruments, amplifiers, microphones etc) to hire for gigs and events. Delivery and collection available.
020 8883 9641 & 020 8444 5054

Live sound engineering and on location recording
With a number of well qualified and highly experienced sound engineers, BonaFideStudio can make you sound better. You can be the best band in the world but no-one will know if the mix isn’t just right. We will strive to get the best out of any system so both yourselves and the audience can hear your music with the clarity it deserves.  BonaFideStudio can also record your live performance. We have a broad range of experience from acoustic gigs to full live bands and choirs. We handle everything from tours to pub gigs, classical recitals to rock extravaganzas.
Prices from just £20 per hour (price per night negotiable).

Does your commercial or home recording studio needs an expert?
We have trouble-shooters at your hand. BonaFideStudio can offer help with your set-up, staff training even purchase of your new equipment.
From only £20 per hour and we can come to you!