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13-14 the Viaduct| St James’s Lane | Muswell Hill | London | UK | N10 3QX
info@bonafidestudio.co.uk | 020 88839641 | 0208 4445054 |
Your recording and rehearsal studio can be found in the heart of Muswell Hill within the nature reserve ParkLand Walk.
Walk to us, jog to us or take advantage of our free parking.

We are situated in the Arches 13 and 14 under the foot bridge.

(Behind the Pure Gym)
Underground Station:
Highgate – 15 minutes walk or hop onto 134 or 43 bus
Finsbury Park – then bus W7 (last stop)
Alexandra Palace Railway Station
Horsney sation
134, 43, W7, 144, 102, 234, 299, 603
From Park Road and Muswell Hill – turn left into St James’s Lane and right into The Viaduct;
From Muswell Hill Broadway – Straight into St James’s Lane and turn left into The Viaduct. Free parking.
Through Parkland Walk.
Entrance also from Muswell Hill underpass

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The Viaduct; Units 13 and 14
St James’s Lane; Muswell Hill; London N10 3QX
Phone: 020 8883 9641 or 020 8444 5054
If we don’t reply to your email within 24 hours please re-send it!

In perfect pitch since 1999

BonaFideStudio has worked on thousands of projects, from fledgling teenage bands to Platinum-selling international artists and film soundtracks, offering affordable recording and rehearsal rates without compromising on quality.
From demos to “single” production packages and full albums, your project will be given the attention and enthusiasm it deserves. It becomes your studio, with a comfortable sofas, beautiful settings of Parkland Walk Nature Reserve, wifi, even free parking.

Call anytime 020 8883 9641 or 020 8444 5054 for an informal chat about how we can best achieve a solution for your project. Email us info@bonafidestudio.co.uk

Press cuttings:
‘Passionate, talented, professional and knowledgeable people with many strings to their bow!’.
…’There is something about BonaFideStudio that gives you confidence. Although is far from expensive, operation is geared up like big-time studio complex… unusually for a studio that attracts big-name clients it also goes out of its way to welcome unsigned acts’…
…With BonaFideStudio is never about the money or fame. Too modest to take credits, too true to conform to Industry rules. Their work with charities and straggling talented artist is commendable….
‘…BonaFideStudio is pioneering a new concept of total support of aspiring artistes…The success of BonaFideStudio can be put down to staying honest to the music and acting in ‘good faith’ with all their clients. Incidentally, ‘in good faith’ is meaning of BonaFide’.
‘No matter if you are a beginner or an established artist at BonaFideStudio you will be treated with the same respect and dedication’.
‘…BonaFideStudio did ‘unthinkable’. They turned down recording session with Courtney Love! Thousand of unsigned artists love them for it and for their refusal to be ruled by coat-tails elitism…’

020 8883 9641 and 020 8444 5054


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Our studio, located in the heart of culturally vibrant Muswell Hill in North London is designed for flexibility and comfort.

Come see why so many have chosen to be part of the BonaFideStudio family!

020 8883 9641
020 8444 5054

We draw a distinction between merely recording and making a recording. Making a recording is much more than setting some microphones up and hitting the big red button. If you want us, we can oversee the entire process: from song selection and improvement to instrumentation and performance coaching; and from recording to mixing and mastering. By doing it all under one roof, you can be sure that your creative choices are carried through from start to finish and you have an experienced hand that understands your music every step of the way.

Book your free consultation today: 020 88839641

Recording from £20 p/h

From demos to “single” production packages and full albums, your project will be given the attention and enthusiasm it deserves.

It becomes your studio, with a comfortable sofas, beautiful settings of Parkland Walk Nature Reserve, wifi and even free parking.

BonaFideStudio is able to work with new musicians who are just starting out and would like some help or advice, established artists who need a helping hand in attaining that elusive record contract, and signed acts who are looking for quality and clarity in their recordings.
020 8883 9641 & 020 8444 5054

If you are a “live” band who needs to capture the energy and excitement of your live performance, but would also like to experiment with additional production ideas, then look no further.
Our in-house engineers are all musicians as well, so if you require additional input in to your recordings, they will be only too happy to oblige. Before we work together, we will ensure that we know as much about your band as possible: line-up, equipment, influences, style – as well as the all important time and budget constraints. BFS team are both highly skilled in the technical needs to record a professional sounding product and creative enough to realise an artist’s potential.

Our acoustically treated live room, separate vocal booth and amp room helps us achieve the sound that you are looking for, and there is plenty of room for you all to play together. Our friendly and helpful engineers can help you with every stage of the recording process; tuning your drum kit, getting the best possible sounds, helping you with that difficult vocal take, arrangement ideas and musical input if required.
Check out our Equipment List.

Composition and production
Production as we like to define it is the art of putting sounds and music together to create a master piece. It takes a creative mind, an understand ear and an in depth knowledge of music to be able to create something new, fresh, wonderful and above all excellent. We have been trying out various styles of music over the years to give ourselves good experience and understanding of music composition.
Our expert engineers/producers will bring your songs to life, structure, arrange, create and produce music from moving orchestration to original dance. For songwriters, we can start from scratch and create a song to suit their individual vocal style. Combining musical production skills with the very latest technology, we are now able to create absolutely anything with unbelievable reality. All our engineers/producers are musicians as well, so if you choose to opt for a real sound with live instruments – we would be only only happy to help.

Book your free consultation with us.
Ask pertinent questions about your project – we know it’s important.
020 8883 9641 and 020 8444 5054

Our recording rates
BonaFideStudio offers affordable recording rates without compromising on quality. Feel free to bring your own backing tracks along, or we have experienced producers and session musicians available to assist you in bringing your music to life!. We offer a refreshingly personalised service to all of our clients. Our studio interns and ‘no paid advertisement’ policy make our rates easy on the pocket.

Recording rates

Recording Packages ­week lock out 7 days, 12 hour day
A week lock out booking ( with an engineer recording, mastering and mixing), 7 days, 12 hour day ­ just £15 per hour.
Total for a week (84 hours): £1260 + media
A week lock out booking ( with an engineer recording, programming,editing, producing mastering and mixing),
7 days, 12 hour day ­ just £18 per hour. Total for a week (84 hours): £1512, media X 2 ­ gratis.
Live Equipment hire for a week (unlimited use of amplifiers, drum kits with cymbals, keyboard): just £250

BonaFideStudio’s aim is not to make a profit but to support creative industries by providing the warm but professional environment in which you can maximize your individual talents within your means. To help us continue please spread the word about us.

Mixing and Mastering

What makes a difference between good results and great results is attention to details.
That is what sets us apart!
BonaFideStudio has a long tradition of combining great talent with excellent but affordable facilities.
Postproduction services offered online or in-house.
BonaFideStudio have worked with some of the world’s greatest artists including GRAMMY winner Ian Prince, Karen Poole, LilyGreen & Maguire, Charlie Simpson, Patrick Wolf, King Blues, Madness (Cathal), Don Airey (Deep Purple), Bob Skeat (Wishbourne Ash) to name but a few.

Mixing a song is the first of 2 extremely critical steps taken before a song ever hits radio or is combined on an album. Many audio engineers when mixing a song use different methods and approach but great engineer should all share the same goal.
Mastering is the last/final and one of the most critical steps involved in the world of audio. Before your product makes its way to the masses, TV or shop shelves it needs to go through ‘quality control’. Generally speaking that is what mastering is. It is the final polish to make your music sound professional

Online Mixing
The online mixing service offers a more accessible alternative to working personally at BonaFideStudio, providing musicians and producers all over the world with the engineering excellence that makes us the perfect studio for mixing your song.
Send us the complete raw audio for your project via we transfer. Each audio track will be processed and mixed individually for maximum sound quality. The mix is then balanced and treated for loudness, depth and clarity.
A full mastering set up is applied to the track creating a polished final result.

As our engineers won’t be working with you in person, it’s important for us to gather as much information as possible about how you’d like your song to sound. So please send us your ideas.
Email us for instruction how to upload your track(s). Once received, BonaFideStudio will contact you by email or phone to discuss the mix. When the mix is ready, a download link will be emailed to you. Turn-around is usually 4 to 5 working days.

Prices are calculated according to the duration of the song and the number of audio multi-tracks. One mix revision is included as part of the package, giving you the chance to get every detail of your mix just right! Instrumental and vocal only mixes can be provided, just let us know what you need.
Online mixing rates per song:
Up to 8 tracks: £45 mastering included
8-24 tracks: £85 mastering included

For songs longer than 5 minutes or with more than 24 individual tracks (stereo tracks counts as 2 tracks), please email for a quote. Payment can made by paypal or by bank transfer. The full amount is to be received before mixing starts.

In-house Mixing
BonaFideStudio is run by a powerful Macintosh computer with a multitude of plug-ins, but also has a superb Allen & Heath GSR24 desk, true modern classic and a variety of analogue outboard including valve and solid state compressors. We are able to mix either ‘in the box’ or ‘old school’ depending on your preference. As the focus of the studio is based around our Macintosh you are able to bring in projects that were recorded elsewhere if you have the audio files. That means the recording you loved whilst you were playing in the studio but sounded terrible when you got home can be brought in at BonaFideStudio and saved! Our Producers and Engineers are also trained as Mastering engineers so even if you decide not to get the track mastered at BonaFideStudio you can be confident that your mix will not change radically once it leaves our premises. Rates from £20 per hour.

Online Mastering
Mastering is responsible for making your music sound as glossy as the rest of your CDs and we use the finest UAD precision digital mastering tools available to achieve that. It is the final polish to make your music sound professional. It is also the source from which all copies will be produced via methods such as pressing, duplication or replication. Today, the format of choice are digital masters. Analogue masters such as audio tapes are still in use, although, it looks like the industry is slowly phasing this medium out.
The source material is fine tuned through equalization and audio level compression, and rendered (In a tonal context) as a cohesive audio program. The new (“Mastered”) source material is also put in the proper order at this stage. This is commonly called “the assembly or track sequencing”. More tasks such as editing, pre-gapping, levelling, fading in and out, noise reduction and other signal restoration and enhancement processes can be applied as part of the mastering stage.
Email us for instruction how to upload your track(s). Once received, BonaFideStudio will contact you by email or phone to discuss the mastering. When the mastering is ready, a download link will be emailed to you. Turn-around is usually 4 to 5 working days. One master revision is included as part of the package. Payment can made by paypal or by bank transfer. The full amount is to be received before mixing/mastering starts.
CD £105 / Track £20 Online mastering is convenient, cost effective and by BonafideStudio mastering you are choosing uncompromising quality.

In-house Mastering
from £20 per hour.

If you need any more information give us a call 020 8883 9641

Rehearsals from £5 p/h

We aim to provide you with the kind of relaxed environment in our practice rooms that you need to work on your live show, write, or rehearse. Rates start from only £5 p/h with backline.
Free parking, wifi & air conditioning.

We are part of Nature Reserve Parkland Walk, its stunning setting will give you more than just an inspiration.
All our rehearsal rooms are kited out for band practice but also cater for solo artists, teaching, dance groups, photo shoots and much more!
Just ask for whatever you need and we will do our best to provide it. We believe in service in our studio and we do what it takes to meet the customers needs.
Full back-line is available including: Marshall, Vox, Fender and Trace Elliot amps as well as Pearl and Pacific by DW Drums and Shure 58s microphones.
Lock outs welcome.
Book a free rehearsing studio tour and bring all your questions! Special offer available for long term hire, lockouts and block bookings. For our regulars we offer discount for recording, postproduction and equipment hire.
All our rehearsal rates include:
drum kit without cymbals
1 guitar amp, 1 bass amp, PA with microphones
Additional equipment (amps, cymbals, instruments etc) available for hire £3 extra per hour per item

BonaFideStudio Rehearsal Rates
The friendly atmosphere in the studios gives you a chance to practice and create in a relaxed, stress free environment. There is also a relaxing area for those all important “chill out” moments. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are free although self service.
Rehearsal Rooms
At BonaFidestudio we support artists of all genres at any level. Apart from our rehearsal facilities our studio offers pre-production, recording, production, post production, sound engineering tutorials, off site recording and much more. We offer special recording discounts for our regular rehearsing clients.
020 8883 9641 and 020 8444 5054