Recording from £20 p/h

From demos to “single” production packages and full albums, your project will be given the attention and enthusiasm it deserves.

It becomes your studio, with a comfortable sofas, beautiful settings of Parkland Walk Nature Reserve, wifi and even free parking.

BonaFideStudio is able to work with new musicians who are just starting out and would like some help or advice, established artists who need a helping hand in attaining that elusive record contract, and signed acts who are looking for quality and clarity in their recordings.
020 8883 9641 & 020 8444 5054

If you are a “live” band who needs to capture the energy and excitement of your live performance, but would also like to experiment with additional production ideas, then look no further.
Our in-house engineers are all musicians as well, so if you require additional input in to your recordings, they will be only too happy to oblige. Before we work together, we will ensure that we know as much about your band as possible: line-up, equipment, influences, style – as well as the all important time and budget constraints. BFS team are both highly skilled in the technical needs to record a professional sounding product and creative enough to realise an artist’s potential.

Our acoustically treated live room, separate vocal booth and amp room helps us achieve the sound that you are looking for, and there is plenty of room for you all to play together. Our friendly and helpful engineers can help you with every stage of the recording process; tuning your drum kit, getting the best possible sounds, helping you with that difficult vocal take, arrangement ideas and musical input if required.
Check out our Equipment List.

Composition and production
Production as we like to define it is the art of putting sounds and music together to create a master piece. It takes a creative mind, an understand ear and an in depth knowledge of music to be able to create something new, fresh, wonderful and above all excellent. We have been trying out various styles of music over the years to give ourselves good experience and understanding of music composition.
Our expert engineers/producers will bring your songs to life, structure, arrange, create and produce music from moving orchestration to original dance. For songwriters, we can start from scratch and create a song to suit their individual vocal style. Combining musical production skills with the very latest technology, we are now able to create absolutely anything with unbelievable reality. All our engineers/producers are musicians as well, so if you choose to opt for a real sound with live instruments – we would be only only happy to help.

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Ask pertinent questions about your project – we know it’s important.
020 8883 9641 and 020 8444 5054

Our recording rates
BonaFideStudio offers affordable recording rates without compromising on quality. Feel free to bring your own backing tracks along, or we have experienced producers and session musicians available to assist you in bringing your music to life!. We offer a refreshingly personalised service to all of our clients. Our studio interns and ‘no paid advertisement’ policy make our rates easy on the pocket.

For our senior sound engineers and music producers rates please add £5 extra per hour on the top of the rates below. 

Recording rates

Recording Packages ­week lock out 7 days, 12 hour day
A week lock out booking ( with an engineer recording, mastering and mixing), 7 days, 12 hour day ­ just £15 per hour.
Total for a week (84 hours): £1260 + media
A week lock out booking ( with an engineer recording, programming,editing, producing mastering and mixing),
7 days, 12 hour day ­ just £18 per hour. Total for a week (84 hours): £1512, media X 2 ­ gratis.
Live Equipment hire for a week (unlimited use of amplifiers, drum kits with cymbals, keyboard): just £250

BonaFideStudio’s aim is not to make a profit but to support creative industries by providing the warm but professional environment in which you can maximize your individual talents within your means. To help us continue please spread the word about us.