Recording Equipment

Solo Artists. Bands. Production. Composition. Mixing. Mastering. Jingles. TV. Radio. Voice Overs. Logic Pro. Pro Tools. Equipment Hire.
Combination of analogue and digital recording.
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Our “old school” application combined with our technological dexterity gives whatever project we are working on the highest chance of success. We specialise in developing a bands “sound” and “releasing” songs through creative vision and a close working relationship with our artists.

Midi application and composition is being used more and more in every day life. From major top selling tracks on the radio, to television advertisement score music. It gives any promising composers a complete orchestra or band at their fingertips to do as they please.

Console and Workstation

Allen and Heath GS-R24M
Logic Audio with (latest version) with huge assortment of plug-ins
Avid Pro Tools latest version
UAD Octo card with all 1176, LA3a, all LA2a l, Fairchild, Massive Passive EMT, Space Echo, Echo Plex, Mastering suite, Brainchild EQ, Neve 88 channel strip, VOG ,SPL Transient Designer, Tape Emulation, Pultec and many more, PSP plugins, Kontakt5 with Symphonic Orchestra and several Piano library
Softube Console One Mk II
Sonalskis Processing Suite
Apple Mac Pro –  2.7GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5 32gb ram
Emagic Unitor 8

Yamaha NS10M passive speakers
Samson power amp


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Neumann-Studio-Microphone_M.pngNeumann U 87 Ai
SE Z5600A MkII (valve)
Audio Technica AT 4033a (3)
AKG C1000
Audio Technica Drum Microphone Kit
AKG Drum Mic Set
SE Electronic SE1 stereo match set
Shure SM57s
Shure SM58s
Shure PG56s

TL Audio dual valve pre amp and compressor C1
TLA Ivory Series C-5021 valve comp
TLA Ivory Series C-5051
Focusrite ISA220
Roland JV 1080
EMU e6400
Planet Phatt
Effects library + huge assortment of Samples CDs + wide choice of virtual synthesizers
Lexicon MPX1 multi effect processors
Alesis M-EQ 230
Alesis Quadraverb 2
Aphex Aural Exciter C with Big Bottom

Our equipment is updated almost weekly, there is much more in the studio than listed here.