We draw a distinction between merely recording and making a recording. Making a recording is much more than setting some microphones up and hitting the big red button.
We can oversee the entire process: from song selection and improvement to instrumentation and performance coaching; and from recording to mixing and mastering. By doing it all under one roof, you can be sure that your creative choices are carried through from start to finish and you have an experienced hand that understands your music every step of the way.

Recording from only £20 per hour with our engineer, £25 per hour with our senior sound engineer. 
We are the studio for what your creativity deserves. As all creatives would know, sometimes we sacrifice time and often profits as well for perfection of an art. We share the same vision and commitment as you, to deliver a mix that’s bigger, a guitar take that is that’s better than what you would expect with your budget and deadlines.

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We chose the best and that is what you deserve.
Work with us once, and you will understand why YOU, like all our other clients, keep coming back to us. For that sound, quality, perfection and fun that you wolud not be able to seek elsewhere.

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